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WHITE CLOUD OPERA, Center for the Promotion of Talent and Excellence

WHITE CLOUD OPERA, Center for the Promotion of Talent and Excellence<br />
di Pietro Gagliardi

Ballet Theater Music Arts

When I founded the White Cloud Studio, the first studio in Italy of Gyrotonic, I made a promise to myself, both as a man and an artist ‘ this centre will be the base for the promotion of talent and excellence in all its aspects of normal life and in all aspects of artistic life.

In the course of the years the Studio has given hospitality to many artists from the Theatre and of life who have benefited from the support of Gyrotonic. They have participated in and inspired by the numerous events organized in the rooms of Via Tiepolo. The encounter between the harmony of Gyrotonic and the harmony of art ignited the spark which gave birth to our very ambitious project.

The dominant idea is to give life to an ensemble of young talented artists, who are free to express themselves, in total harmony with the spirit of the White Cloud Studio from which they can gain energy and inspiration.

The legal status chosen for the White Could Opera is that of ONLUS. This is because every event we organize, whether is relates to formation, or to the promotion of culture and art, will be linked to initiatives of a humanitarian nature – not lucrative – and activities of charity.

Through a formation process, which is multidisciplinary and multidirectional, a base can be created for the organization of theatrical events in which one can experiment ‘the white cloud’ from a national and international artistic panorama. As the white clouds move lightly to exalt the luminosity of the sky, so it shall be that our ‘interpreters’ will exhibit to show us the purity of art.

Regardless of discipline and preparation one element will link them all – Gyrotonic. This word, which might seem sterile at first glance, has a very specific meaning. ‘Gyro’ means circular movements. ‘Tonic’ means tone, sound, vibration. For this reason one can ‘using circular movements produce a vibration inside ourselves which generates a sound – our sound – the sound of our soul’. I hope that everyone involved in this project can ‘vibrate their own soul’ and that the harmony created by the encounter of all these artists will lead to the exaltation of the beauty and the simplicity of life.

E-mail: pietrogagliardi2003@gmail.com.

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